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5 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Phone System

5 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Phone System

A professional phone system can be one of your company’s most vital assets. Apart from old-fashioned voice communication, a state-of-the-art phone system will provide added features that will enhance business operations. A company is indeed as good as its communication capabilities, and you can never underestimate the importance of a modern phone system. For more than three decades, QualTel Technologies has been installing and servicing a myriad of phone systems. So, why is it crucial to upgrade your company’s phone system?

  1. The Ability to Handle a Large Volume of Calls

Old phone systems are unable to handle a large number of both outgoing and incoming calls. This is especially in a busy business environment where it will be a struggle to accommodate calls from personnel, clients, business partners, and any other interested parties. Without incorporating a new and advanced phone system, busy signals and other communication hitches will be the order of the day.

2.Scaling Challenges

Traditional phone systems can prove to be challenging to scale. When an upgrade is required, a considerable infrastructure revision will be needed. Apart from the time required for such an infrastructure change, it will also be costly. With an upgraded VoIP phone system courtesy of QualTel Technologies in your company, scaling can be accomplished with a minimum of fuss. Such scaling activities include the addition of users, devices, or offices. Most importantly, such an action will not disrupt normal operations of the phone system.

3.Incorporate Remote Staff

In the past, many companies depended on a highly-inefficient phone system for on-the-go employees and other relevant staff. Today, it is easy to communicate and keep track of remote teams, customer service agents, clients, and any other party that is vital to the business’s growth even when they are off-site. With a sophisticated phone system at your disposal, no company employees will ever be out of touch just because they are working remotely.

4.Obsolete Technology

While old phone systems can still work, albeit sluggishly, they will become redundant in the near future. When that happens, it will cost an arm and a leg to repair any archaic phone system. Besides, getting the spare parts to replace existing ones will be a tall order. In a nutshell, repairing obsolete technology is a costly and time-wasting affair, and every minute wasted is money lost. It is imperative to invest in a new phone system before the old one malfunctions.

5.State-of-the-art Features

When your business embraces advanced VoIP platforms, you will introduce users to a whole new world of exciting features. These features range from conference calling, call routing, call presence, automated attendant, call forwarding, call screening, plus a whole other host of features. Better yet, all these features are provided via an intuitive interface.

With so many VoIP business phone systems in the market, it can be challenging, not to mention frustrating, knowing the best choice for your company. This is where QualTel Technologies comes in to provide advice and install a wide range of phone systems that will match the requirements of your company, clients, and staff.

Aligning With a Managed IT Services Provider: How Can Your Business Benefit?

Aligning With a Managed IT Services Provider: How Can Your Business Benefit?

In an IT environment that is rapidly evolving, many businesses are becoming overwhelmed by technology and maintaining current systems. Apart from the lack of requisite expertise and skills, most IT personnel spend most of their time on routine daily tasks.

This leaves no room or time for innovation. Due to such challenges, businesses have turned to managed IT services providers such as QualTel Technologies. As a business owner wishing to take your company to the next level, how can a partnership with QualTel Technologies benefit you?

1. Cloud Communication

Cloud Communication

By embracing cloud communication from QualTel Technologies, you can do away with all the massive hardware that takes up acres of space. Besides, you can also get rid of the software upgrades, maintenance contracts, service outrages, among other aspects.

There is no doubt that cloud-based unified system of communication can work wonders for your business.

2. Tailor-Made Support and Products

Managed IT San Antonio

With the experience and partnerships that QualTel Technologies has at its disposal, we will be able to create unique, tailor-made solutions that fit your company’s needs. By utilizing the existing business systems, we will enhance them with a specially-made custom approach.

Smart integration will enable us to offer your firm outsourced IT support and unified communications.

3. Scale with Business Expansion

Growing business with Manged IT

By using managed IT services providers, you can get vital support for your rapidly expanding business. In most cases, the majority of companies might not be able to afford the added expense of hiring extra IT staff as their IT department (and business) expands. QualTel Technologies will offer crucial resources at an affordable price.

By partnering with us, you will have suitable support as far as your IT systems are concerned at every phase of development. Also, the money you save from retaining our managed IT systems can be channeled to other vital departments.

4. Reduces Costs

Reduce cost with Managed IT San Antonio

For many businesses, especially mid-sized companies, hiring efficient IT staff is one huge challenge. By utilizing managed IT services to take charge of your IT systems, you can save a ton of money. Most of these services providers charge monthly fees that are fortunately lower than hiring full-time IT staff.

Besides, QualTel Technologies will provide round-the-clock support, so you won’t have to worry about overtime expenses for permanent IT personnel.

5. Support Business Innovation

Managed IT San Antonio

As one of the most accomplished managed IT services providers, QualTel Technologies will take over the daily management of your system. This will free up your IT staff to concentrate on other strategic tasks, especially if you are a business that places a high priority on innovation.

More importantly, our managed services can supplement your IT staff with their crucial projects and assist them in completing them quickly.

By introducing managed IT services courtesy of QualTel Technologies, your money-guzzling IT department will be transformed, into a unit that enhances service provision, cut on costs, while giving your business a competitive edge.

4 Pointers for Creating an IT Disaster Recovery Strategy

4 Pointers for Creating an IT Disaster Recovery Strategy

Although IT disasters are highly unpredictable and can hit your system without warning, you should have an intentional and planned disaster recovery (DR) strategy ready. No business or company can afford to underestimate the importance of a well-designed disaster recovery plan.

By retaining QualTel Technologies managed IT services, you can ensure that in case all hell breaks loose, you will have an efficient recovery plan in place to ensure that all operations return to normal as soon as possible. Below are aspects that are vital to your disaster recovery plan.

1. Conduct a Threat Analysis of IT Disasters

Analysis Threats

For the sake of your business, it is vital to identify all potential threats before coming up with a recovery plan. After you have analyzed all the risks, ensure that you come up with a professional and proven response strategy for every threat.

With quite a few probable threats, you must have a step-by-step plan for recovery for every type of threat. Most importantly, in this era of cyber threats, cybersecurity should take precedence over all other risks. 2

2. Personnel Associated with IT Disaster Recovery

IT disaster recovery

Though a superb disaster recovery plan mainly deals with technology, it should also focus on processes and people. Ask yourself which employees are crucial for disaster recovery. After identifying them, make sure that they are trained and empowered to handle all the steps of the disaster recovery plan.

It is crucial that there is a DR manual for any emergencies and that numbers of all the critical DR personnel are in the manual.

3. Occasional Updates to the Disaster Recovery Plan

Update IT disaster recovery

After you have your DR plan all set up, it doesn’t mean that you sit all pretty. You must conduct frequent updates to the DR plan. Let’s say you have made significant changes in your system, like software updates. It will be in your best interest to make corresponding updates to the disaster recovery plan too.

4. Disaster Recovery Priorities

Managed IT San Antonio

In any organization, there is data that is way up in the pecking order of importance, and then there is data that is not all that important.  While all systems are crucial, identify those that are critical to the running of the business, and to the data recovery process itself.


Imagine retaining a service provider to set up a disaster recovery plan, only to find out you hired an inefficient and ill-reputed company. Getting a proven managed IT services company like QualTel Technologies is your best bet at getting your systems back in line in case disaster strikes.

Simple Steps for Spotting Counterfeit Cabling

Simple Steps for Spotting Counterfeit Cabling

There are miles of both voice and data cabling San Antonio snaking through our offices. They play an instrumental role in IT, which holds the entire organization together. But do you know that counterfeit cables have flooded the market and whenever you buy cabling, there is a high chance that they might be counterfeit?

Apart from the performance-related issues from counterfeit cables, there is also the risk to both humans and property. Fake wires have been known to fail fire-resistance tests. Besides, the inferior quality cables are not only highly flammable, but they emit considerably more smoke as compared to approved cables.

While attempting to cut down on costs, cabling counterfeiters use copper-coated aluminum rather than annealed copper. This leads to inferior network performance and wreck havoc to equipment. These risks are just the tip of the iceberg concerning counterfeit cabling. So, how do you spot counterfeit data cabling San Antonio?

QualTel data cabling San Antonio
  • Always be on the lookout for cabling that has grammatical errors or poor printing. Also, ensure that the marks, logos, and packaging of the cabling are of superior quality. In most cases, excellent printing and packaging are the hallmarks of a genuine cable manufacturer.
  • If the cabling is legitimate, the ETL marks should be accompanied by the manufacturer’s control numbers, which must check out. The best way to do this is by looking for a specific set of data cabling San Antonio test results straight from the manufacturer or an organization such as Intertek.
  • Nowadays, most manufacturers have been helping combat counterfeiting by requiring all cabling to have a holographic mark. Such marks include easily identifiable color backgrounds, micro-printing, and color-shifting ink. Not many counterfeiters have the resources, equipment, or the time to incorporate all these features in the cabling. Always be wary of cabling that is bland and without any special distinguishing features.
  • If worst comes to worst and the counterfeiters work around the hologram and other safety marks, to be on the safe side, you can always use a hologram authenticator. The authenticator is held above the hologram to ensure its authenticity.
  • One of the simplest tricks of ensuring that you get genuine cables is by using a reputable cabling company certified by a recognized cable manufacturer. You cannot afford to underestimate the importance of a renowned voice and data cabling services provider when searching for services. Finally, always trust your gut feeling when buying cabling. If the price seems way too cheap, the chances are that the product is a fake.
Top Cyber-Security Trends of 2019

Top Cyber-Security Trends of 2019

Managed IT services have become all the rage for a wide array of firms and corporations. This is commendable, and it brings a wealth of solutions to companies that lead to improved performance. But the weak link in the system is easily the cyberattacks while the chink in the armor of various companies is how to manage, stop, and neutralize cyber threats.

The unfortunate part is that cybersecurity is still allocated an insignificant amount of IT expenditure. But as business owners get more tech-savvy, they have begun embracing trends in security and management that will efficiently protect data and their clients. Here are a few of those trending aspects.

Managed Security 

The number of cyber-attacks has increased tremendously globally. This is why any self-respecting business or company must perform a risk assessment and analysis. This will assure them that they are protected from the most common attacks.

Do you know that there is a massive gap in cybersecurity positions worldwide? This means that most businesses haven’t retained a cyber security expert. But all is not lost because the alternative is to partner with a credible IT managed services provider with security professionals who have a deep understanding of cybersecurity.

Internet Cyber Security

Security Awareness Training

It is a fact that humans activate almost all of today’s cyber attacks. In other words, the attacks target the weakest link in the system-people. Case in point, when a person opens a phishing email, he can be vulnerable to an attack. Other frequent attacks are water holing and ransomware.

Training internet users, especially in companies and organizations about security, is therefore paramount. By equipping them with a myriad of cybersecurity skills, tips, and tricks, they will be better equipped to identify potential cyber-attacks. Some of the areas that security awareness training comes in handy include password hygiene and phishing detection.

Managed IT and Cyber Security

Data Protection On-Premise and In the Cloud  

In this technologically-advanced world and business environment, it is essential to protect your data. This is regardless of whether the data is in the cloud or on-premise. The best bet at ensuring that data is well guarded is by partnering with a technology company highly-versed in cloud computing.

Such companies use a myriad of technologies like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and tokenization to keep data safe both at rest and in transit.

At any moment, your system can be a victim of a cyber attack in any of many forms. Cyber attackers are getting more bold and sophisticated. This is the very reason that you need professionally managed IT services in your corner for such eventualities.

How Structured Voice And Data Cabling Will Improve Your IT Infrastructure?

How Structured Voice And Data Cabling Will Improve Your IT Infrastructure?

IT infrastructure is the backbone of your entire business or organization. Manage and store all the business data effectively is the only key to your success.

Technology moves fast, and thus your business needs to keep up with that technology to stay ahead in the competitive world. Using an older cabling system restricts your company’s efficiency as well as productivity.

Jump to structured voice and data cabling for the continued growth of your business.  QualTel Technologies is your voice and data cabling service provider in San Antonio. We are the go-to low voltage cabling provider for Cable Cat5, Cat6, Fiber Optic, and coaxial networks in the San Antonio and the State of Texas.

We create schematics of your current network infrastructure and a proposed solution. We can handle all your IT and cabling needs with ease that helps you grow your business.

Cable trays in a data center with cat 5 and optic fiber cables.

Why Is A Structured Cabling System Important for Your Daily Operations And IT Infrastructure?

  • Higher Transmission Speed

There’s nothing worse than slow data transmission when you’re interacting with your client. Traditional may feature slower transmission speeds and more noise. However, upgrade to our Cat 5, Cat 6, fiber optic cables for higher speed and to support your business needs as well. Fiber optic cables are even better.

  • Structured Cabling Is Easy To Manage

Having cables into one system that handles voice and data in multiple formats is much more manageable than having various wiring. Structured cables are easy to install and remove.  You can also quickly relocate or manage your office space with a structured voice and data cabling in San Antonio.

  • Lower Maintenance Expense

Our cables are of higher quality and seldom go wrong. It is easy to identify the fault to repair. This will help you save money and time as well. Further, structured data, voice, and video IT infrastructure minimizes your need for updates while lowering maintenance costs.

  • High Position in Business

QualTel Technologies positions you for the advance and fast emerging telecommunication. Our structured voice and data cabling system can carry high bandwidth, which means it supports emerging applications that will benefit your business.

Futuristic Circuit Board Render With Bokeh Effects – Technology Related Concept

Services QualTel Technologies Offer In San Antonio and Nearby Areas

  • Network design and consulting
  • Installation of fiber-optic cable
  • Voice and data cabling
  • Cable rewiring
  • Cabling site surveys
  • Network wiring testing
  • Wi-Fi network installation
  • Testing & certification
  • Emergency fiber repairs, and more.

We also do complete documentation to manage your new voice and data cabling. Reach us now!



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