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5 Top Soft Skills Needed to Excel as IT Help Desk Support

5 Top Soft Skills Needed to Excel as IT Help Desk Support

 IT help desk support provides a superb view of the core workings of an organization, connects with clients, and learn about their experience with your company. They are an integral and crucial part of managed IT services. With technology evolving at an impressive rate, and personnel being replaced by chatbots, the role of the IT help desk agent has also changed. This means that these agents have to have enhanced soft skills to make the customer experience more superior. Let’s check some of these soft skills.

  • Troubleshooting/Problem-Solving Skills

Being able to troubleshoot is an essential part of being an exceptional IT help desk support expert. From the submission of the ticket, it is crucial to know what questions to ask and gather the relevant information to help solve the problem and provide solutions. Every day brings different challenges, and it is an added bonus if the staff is gifted in troubleshooting and problem-solving.

  • Ability to Perform Under Pressure

This is one soft skill that will be tested regularly, if not daily. So if you are not known for keeping your cool under pressure, every workday will be a nightmare. From a critical business system crashing, an onslaught of client complaints, to constant phone calls, keeping calm is a non-negotiable virtue. All these problems can be tough to solve, but what if they all occur at the same time? This kind of scenario calls for a calm and collected professional.

  • Communication Skills

As IT service desk agents, it is absolutely vital to be able to communicate in a wide array of ways. These include email, face-to-face, over the phone, among others, meaning that you have to be good at both written and verbal communication. Excellent communication skills also entail being a great listener. It is crucial to know that listening and understanding what clients are saying is essential to know how to respond.

  • Respect and Empathy for Clients

Empathy is a vital part of working on the IT help desk. You will interact with clients who are upset and angry maybe because they have deadlines to beat and the system has crashed, plus a myriad of other reasons. Put yourself in their shoes and work together to solve the problem. Active listening and repeating what the client has told you are excellent ways of showing that you’ve understood their issue and that you care.

  • Passions for the Services/Products

An impressive service desk agent should be a knowledgeable champion of the company’s services/products. They should be enthusiastic about the products, understand their workings, and try to improve them. This kind of passion naturally translates into an in-depth understanding of the products or services, and it comes in handy when solving any arising problems. The enthusiasm is usually infectious, and it is evident during interactions with clients.

QualTel Technologies IT Help Desk Support

When you are searching for a managed IT services provider, it is in your best interest to ensure that they provide impeccable help desk support services. With QualTel Technologies, you will be in for a real treat as far as IT service desk support services are concerned.

Being More Data-driven in the Cloud

Being More Data-driven in the Cloud

Being More Data-driven in the Cloud

By working with QualTel Technologies, companies can experience what a being an actual data-driven organization feels like. Managed IT services have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for companies. These companies utilize the cloud as a motivation for augmenting the value of data.

More businesses are embracing data for that cutting-edge competitiveness and innovation. This is especially vital as the world has become digitized with jaw-dropping amounts of data being generated daily. The next battleground between companies will be centered on data. Companies that are data-driven in the cloud are outshining their rivals in terms of retaining their client base, acquiring new markets, and achieving commendable profits.

The Greatest Benefits of Being a Data-Driven Company

1.      Reinforces Organization Agility

Unlike the past, business decisions don’t have to be made based on instincts or gut feelings. With meaningful information and insights readily available, reaching conclusions is quick and effortless work.

Data-driven companies invest in suitable infrastructure, workforce, and governance procedures to allow in-depth utilization of its entire data structure. With the right mechanisms in place, data personnel will spend more time coming up with data insights that are vital to the business, rather than in manually compiling and cleaning the data.

2.Increased Effectiveness and Efficiency

By tightly integrating analytics and data, the companies’ vital competencies will be heightened, and this will lead to the unlocking of hidden business strategies and opportunities.

By using intentional data analytics, this will play a massive role in top-level decision making and steer business operations to greater heights.

3. Encourage More Revenue

As far as revenue generation goes, data is the new kid on the block. By embracing persistent data improvements and superior business predictions, businesses can make decisions quickly, both now and in the future.

This means that a data-driven company can out-think the competition, upgrade business innovation to unlock better revenue streams, and achieve increased revenue every year.

How Your Company Can become more Consistently Data-Driven

Check out the following points:

  • Connect a cloud-based strategy that is data-driven to clear results
  • Begin with a high return on investment opportunities
  • Allow data as a strategic/tactical asset
  • Empower your business lines with insights
  • Design a “data-on-cloud” plan
  • Manage culture and organization change effectively

In the rapidly evolving business world where more businesses are embracing managed IT services, companies should move with haste, evaluate their data analytics strengths, and set a course to transforming to a data-driven firm.

This revolution is a vital part of being more responsive to clients, given the ever-changing nature of business models and technology. For all your cloud computing requirements, you can count on QualTel Technologies.

Managed IT Services: What They are and Their Benefits

Managed IT Services: What They are and Their Benefits

More companies are relying on managed IT services to ensure the provision of efficient and seamless business solutions for a wide array of business needs. Managed IT services are offered by an IT services provider, and they cover specific segments such as cloud storage, cybersecurity, and backup and disaster recovery, among others. In a nutshell, managed IT services can be termed as the proactive handling of IT assets.

Why are Managed IT Services So Crucial                                            

  • Proactive Support

Managed IT services provide proactive support. This means that instead of your business continually trying to solve problems, they will succeed in identifying issues in advance. It is a sure way of maintaining your systems and dealing with problems.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology is ever and rapidly evolving, and most businesses might find it a challenge to keep up. Incorporating cutting-edge technology such as cloud storage plus backup and disaster recovery strategies, while remaining within the set budget, can be overwhelming or impossible. With managed IT services, many companies can adapt to new technology while staying within their budgets and keeping costs down.

  • Business scaling

 In the past, scaling a business was extremely difficult, not to mention expensive. This is because there was a need for onsite infrastructure, power facilities necessary for data backup and disaster recovery, cooling units, plus vast spaces. By embracing managed IT services, businesses scaling is not as expensive.

  • Complete Outsourced IT

By using managed services, you will have access to a complete and well setup IT department. The best part is that you don’t just acquire day-to-day IT support; instead, you will have total access to an IT manager, plus a virtual CIO to allow strategic thinking on how IT can benefit your company.

  • Strategic IT Planning

Managed IT services are vital if you need to know the kind of IT systems that you will need in a year or two. Apart from helping you to think ahead, you will receive invaluable advice on the plans to put in place. This planning relates to proactive support and makes sure that your IT software and infrastructure is not only updated, but upgraded to avoid risks like crashes, downtime, and viruses.

  • Peace of Mind

Just the feeling that you have expert IT professionals taking care of your company’s business is enough to give you precious peace of mind. By aligning your firm to professionally managed IT services, they will take care of your IT, leaving you with enough time to concentrate on what really matters; running your business. QualTel Technologies is your best bet for state-of-the-art managed IT services. Call us today and watch your company reach new heights.

Landline v/s VoIP Telephone System San Antonio: Which Is Better?

Landline v/s VoIP Telephone System San Antonio: Which Is Better?

Gone are the days when businesses, small or big, depending on a traditional telephone system, including landline to communicate with employees, clients, and customers. With the advent of digital transformation, communication solutions also changed.

Today, the much-advanced communication technology like QualTel’s VoIP telephone system San Antonio allows businesses to easily connect with workflow and enable them to get work done seamlessly.

But What Exactly Is VoIP Telephone System San Antonio?

VoIP telephone system is much better than traditional copper wires and handsets. With it, you can make phone calls anytime from anywhere using an Internet-connected computer and voice over IP (VoIP). It allows you to call directly from your computer, a VoIP phone, or other devices.

Why is VoIP Telephone System of QualTel Better Than the Landline System?

  • Convenience

In terms of convenience, our VoIP offers a range of benefits that help businesses to make and receive calls without any boundaries. On the other side, a traditional landline is used for a fixed location. But with our VoIP phone system San Antonio, you can virtually connect your employees from any location with ease.

  • Customization

Customization is the biggest key difference between our VoIP telephone system and traditional landline. Our VoIP services allow you to customize your subscription, thereby allowing you to have the option to choose the required services and eliminate the unwanted ones.

  • Versatility

When it comes to versatility, QualTel VoIP is more superior to landline because it allows migration from desktops and laptops to smartphones. You can also integrate this system with other systems such as a customer relationship management application to make it easy to access essential data during customer calls.

  • Functionality

Traditional landline delivers only the most basic features, such as caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, and more. On the other hand, Our VoIP phone system San Antonio offers a plethora of options, including video conferencing, virtual receptionist, voice-to-email, automatic call forwarding, and more along with basic call functions. Aside from these, it also provides messaging capabilities, including group paging, hunt groups, and more.

  • Cost-savings

Using our VoIP system is more affordable because the messages and calls are exchanged as Internet data. Also, your business can create a local presence anywhere with it, regardless of the location.

Why Chose QualTel For VoIP Phone System?

  • We are your local VoIP service provider
  • With us, you don’t have to buy your own server; it is included in your monthly service.
  • Our VoIP system includes unlimited calling to the US and Canada.
  • We work with all the hosted phone system providers.

Call us today to know the cost of a hosted phone system solution.

Consequences of Wrong Cabling Installation

Consequences of Wrong Cabling Installation

As long as you have superior-quality cables, it is not important how you install them, right?  Wrong!  If you think this is true, you are dead wrong. As respected and accomplished cabling contractors, QualTel Technologies technicians can tell you stories of how they have had to re-install badly-done cabling installation jobs. If your voice and data cabling is not done right, here are some of the consequences that you might be faced with.

  1. Electromagnetic Interference

If you use an inexperienced and unqualified cabling technician, you might end up with a network that is greatly hindered by electromagnetic forces. If the contractor is using copper cables, it is vital to consider the degree of electromagnetic interference (EMI) nearby. This interference is usually caused by the presence of electrical appliances such as air conditioners, motors, fluorescent lights, and even power lines.

 If your premises host massive electrical, industrial machines, the contractor may recommend using coaxial cabling or fiber optic cables as they are not as susceptible to EMI as twisted copper cables.

2. Greatly Decreased Speeds

If a cabling contractor installs unsuitable cables over the wrong distance, there will be a considerable decrease in speed. Case in point; Cat6 cables can support an Ethernet speed of 10GB, although if you stretch the cabling more than 164 ft, the speed reduces to that of Cat5e. It is important to note that the Cat5e is the predecessor of the Cat6. An accomplished cabling contractor understands how to precisely install the cables for more coverage and faster internet speeds.

3. Shorter Cable Life-span

An unqualified cabling contractor might not be conversant with cabling trends that are all the rage. When your cables are installed with outdated technology, there might be a challenge with the integration process. This will force you to do away with the cables and look for cabling that is up-to-date within a very short time. Besides, using the best technology will ensure that you don’t have to replace the network soon.

4. WiFi Dead Areas

While using a typical run of the mill cabling contractor might be dirt cheap, you might just end up with inferior services. If the cabling is installed inappropriately, there might be WiFi-dead areas in your space. An experienced cabling expert should know how to position the router, in addition to the right type of cable to use. In buildings made from metal or bricks, there can be increased WiFi interference. This is why you need a proven cabling expert to ensure that the installation is done correctly.

Hire a Proven Cabling Contactor

The kind of voice and data cabling installation services that you will receive will largely be determined by the pedigree of the cabling contractor that you will choose. For superior services, retain the highly-reputed and critically acclaimed cabling services courtesy of QualTel Technologies. We believe that systems should be installed the right way the first time so you never have to settle for inferior services while we are just a phone call away.



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