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QualTel  has partnered with all of the major business communication providers for Telecom & IT Services in San Antonio and Austin. We understand their products, their pricing, and are able to balance your need for performance versus your need to keep infrastructure costs low.

7 Reasons Companies are Using Telecom Agents Instead of Direct Rep

  • More Knowledge:

    Instead of just knowing one provider solution Telecom agents have a wider breadth of knowledge understanding all the technologies and all the carrier services allowing us to provider a much better solution and more options.

  • Honest Advice:

    “If the only tool you have is a hammer you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail.”  Direct Reps only have one product and if asked their product is the best solutions.  As a Telecom Agency representing over 150 carriers, we can make non-biased recommendations of the best carrier solutions.

  • Save Time:

    With QualTel as your agent you will never have waste your time to call into the call center for technical or sales support.  QualTel is happy to make those calls for you free of charge.   Also, when renewals come up you don’t have to waste the time of figuring out what you have a contacting 3 providers.  We will keep all your records up to date and shop the services for you.

  • Single point of contact:

    The carrier business is a high turnover business and most of the time when you call into the direct sales call center you will never speak to the same salesperson again.  The advantage of dealing with a Telecom Agency is that you will be working with the same person no matter what carrier you chose which allows us to truly understand your company needs and keep consistency in maintaining your services.

  • Telecom Agents don’t have to make quota:

    Direct reps are often penalized if the amount you spend is decreased.  They will also recommend what they are directed to sell instead of what you need.  Telecom Agents are in this for a long-term relationship and our job is to act as your advocate, as a member of your team.  Also, by dealing with us as your advocates you don’t have to deal with pesty salespeople harassing you at the end of the month when their quota is due.

  • Interested in your long-term success:

    Direct reps are trained to make the sale and move on to the next opportunity because they are only paid to make the sale.  They offer no additional value add to your business. We are here as your partner for the long-term success of your business.

  • Identical Pricing:

    In spite of the additional knowledge and extra level of service provided by a Telecom Agent the Agent channel and the direct channel offer identical pricing.

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