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Telecom Agents

QualTel  has partnered with all of the major business communication providers for Telecom & IT Services in San Antonio and Austin. We understand their products, their pricing, and are able to balance your need for performance versus your need to keep infrastructure costs low.

7 Advantages of Using Telecom Agents

  • Broader Expertise:

Telecom agents possess a comprehensive understanding of various technologies and carrier services, enabling them to provide tailored solutions and a wider range of options compared to direct reps who are limited to a single product.

  • Unbiased Recommendations:

Telecom agents, representing over 150 carriers, can offer objective recommendations for the best carrier solutions, unlike direct reps who are incentivized to promote their own product regardless of its suitability.

  • Time Savings:

QualTel, as your telecom agent, eliminates the need to waste time on lengthy call center interactions for technical or sales support. We handle these calls on your behalf, free of charge.

  • Single Point of Contact:

Telecom agents provide consistent communication and support, unlike direct reps with high turnover rates. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact who understands your company’s specific needs and maintains continuity in service management.

  • Customer Advocacy:

Telecom agents are not bound by sales quotas and prioritize long-term relationships. We act as your advocates, ensuring you receive the best possible solutions without the pressure of persistent sales tactics.

  • Long-Term Partnership:

Telecom agents are committed to your long-term business success, providing ongoing support and value beyond the initial sale.

  • Identical Pricing:

Despite the superior knowledge and service provided by telecom agents, pricing remains identical between agent and direct channels.

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