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QualTel has over 30 years experience servicing and installing all types of phone systems. Our product line and technical expertise are very diverse, which allows us to focus on meeting our customers’ needs as opposed to selling canned solutions.

QualTel offers cost effective, personalized service. At the same time, the service which we provide to our national customers attests to our technical capabilities and expertise. Our customer-driven focus and solid finances have allowed our business to grow at a measured pace while many of our larger competitors have experienced major restructuring, or closed their doors. Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help with your phone systems.



We currently recommend the following state-of-the-art phone systems and services:


QualTel knows that voice telecommunication advanced technology can help you provide perfect solutions to your business without any major interruption. You can get scalable, reliable, effective, and user-friendly services and products like NEC desktop phones with us. We cover all your communication requirements, from hosted and VoIP communication services to web conferencing. So, get telephoning with QualTel.

Built-in features

All the phones we provide have built-in features, so you don’t have to spend on licenses or hardware. Furthermore, our products and services are tailored to your business and residential needs so that you may always have effective communication means at hand. Apart from this, our audio and web conferencing can save you travel expenses.


We provide wireless mobile handsets for users’ convenience and mobility along with NEC telephone manuals for better understanding. Our top quality NEC telephone systems can make your team productive from anywhere in the building.

Low maintenance

Since we provide you with top-rated services and products, QualTel helps you in keeping your maintenance costs down in a hassle-free way. Not only do we provide you with reliable solutions but also with timely maintenance and checks to save your precious time and money. Furthermore, we schedule all the annual maintenance according to the telecommunication standards and NEC telephone user guide.

Customer care software

You are our valuable customers, and your customers are also our customers. This is why we offer you pre-est—criteria to help you monitor your agents so they can provide exceptional customer care.

With our services, you can communicate with the world without disturbance.

Suppose you are a business owner looking for effective communication and IT solutions in San Antonio. In that case, you are in the right place because our experts at QualTel can provide you with innovative new phone system manuals, cloud based phoning solutions, VoIP-hosted systems, etc. We know that having the best phoning system can bring the finest change in a company, but finding the best phoning system can be one of the biggest challenges.

You can’t simply ignore the importance of good telecommunication and IT systems for your company. However, since today we are at the peak of advancement, there is confusion regarding which phone system possesses the most useful features for a business.

Being new in a business or wanting to upgrade your old phone solutions, QualTel San Antonio phone systems can help because there is no telecommunication requirement that we don’t cater to. We can install, repair, and help you in using our services to get the most out of it for your business.

Some basic services we cater to are:

1. Structured data cabling

2. Contact center software

3. Networking

4. Voice mails and IVRs

5. NEC DSX,SV8100, SV8300, SV9100, SV9500, SL2100, Univerge Blue, Elite phone systems

6. Cloud based, VoIP, and hosted VoIP systems

7. Paging systems

8. 3Cs software systems

9. Managed IT services

10. Subcontracting to nationwide companies

11. Maintenance and repairing of telephone systems

12. SIP trunks

13. Hosted PBX and Avaya IP office

14. Phone systems

So whether you are looking for new solutions or looking for ways to upgrade your existing phone system solutions effectively, QualTel is here to help. Get a free consultation booked today and tell us about your business so we may provide you with personalized phoning solutions.

Contact us today to get your quotes or to get your IT/communication queries answered; because our team is available to help and guide you 24/7.




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