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ZT-D Telephone System

ZT-D Telephone System

How To Change Date & Time

You must change the time & date from the Attendant telephone:

  1. Lift the receiver
  2. Press [FEAT][#][2]
  3. Dial the time in Military Time
  4. Hang up.
  5. Lift the receiver
  6. Press [FEAT]
  7. Press [SPKR]
  8. Press [2]
  9. The display will show MM DD YY WEK
  10. Enter two digits for the month, two digits for the day, two digits for the year, and two digits for the weekday.
  11. Hang up

MM=Month DD=Day YY=Year WEK=Day of Week

78=Sunday 66=Monday 88=Tuesday 93=Wednesday 84=Thursday 37=Friday 72=Saturday