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IT infrastructure is the backbone of your entire business or organization. Manage and store all the business data effectively is the only key to your success.

Technology moves fast, and thus your business needs to keep up with that technology to stay ahead in the competitive world. Using an older cabling system restricts your company’s efficiency as well as productivity.

Jump to structured voice and data cabling for the continued growth of your business.  QualTel Technologies is your voice and data cabling service provider in San Antonio. We are the go-to low voltage cabling provider for Cable Cat5, Cat6, Fiber Optic Service Provider, and coaxial networks in the San Antonio and the State of Texas.

We create schematics of your current network infrastructure and a proposed solution. We can handle all your IT and cabling needs with ease that helps you grow your business.

Cable trays in a data center with cat 5 and optic fiber cables.

Why Is A Structured Cabling System Important for Your Daily Operations And IT Infrastructure?

  • Higher Transmission Speed

There’s nothing worse than slow data transmission when you’re interacting with your client. Traditional may feature slower transmission speeds and more noise. However, upgrade to our Cat 5, Cat 6, fiber optic cables for higher speed and to support your business needs as well. Fiber optic cables are even better.

  • Structured Cabling Is Easy To Manage

Having cables into one system that handles voice and data in multiple formats is much more manageable than having various wiring. Structured cables are easy to install and remove.  You can also quickly relocate or manage your office space with a structured cabling in San Antonio.

  • Lower Maintenance Expense

Our cables are of higher quality and seldom go wrong. It is easy to identify the fault to repair. This will help you save money and time as well. Further, structured data, voice, and video IT infrastructure minimizes your need for updates while lowering maintenance costs.

  • High Position in Business

QualTel Technologies positions you for the advance and fast emerging telecommunication. Our structured voice and data cabling system can carry high bandwidth, which means it supports emerging applications that will benefit your business.

Futuristic Circuit Board Render With Bokeh Effects – Technology Related Concept

Services QualTel Technologies Offer In San Antonio and Nearby Areas

  • Network design and consulting
  • Installation of fiber-optic cable
  • Voice and data cabling
  • Cable rewiring
  • Cabling site surveys
  • Network wiring testing
  • Wi-Fi network installation
  • Testing & certification
  • Emergency fiber repairs, and more.

We also do complete documentation to manage your new voice and data cabling. Reach us now!