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As long as you have superior-quality cables, it is not important how you install them, right?  Wrong!  If you think this is true, you are dead wrong. As respected and accomplished cabling contractors, QualTel Technologies technicians can tell you stories of how they have had to re-install badly-done cabling installation jobs. If your voice and data cabling is not done right, here are some of the consequences that you might be faced with.

Electromagnetic Interference

If you use an inexperienced and unqualified cabling technician, you might end up with a network that is greatly hindered by electromagnetic forces. If the contractor is using copper cables, it is vital to consider the degree of electromagnetic interference (EMI) nearby. This interference is usually caused by the presence of electrical appliances such as air conditioners, motors, fluorescent lights, and even power lines.

 If your premises host massive electrical, industrial machines, the contractor may recommend using coaxial cabling or fiber optic cables as they are not as susceptible to EMI as twisted copper cables.

Greatly Decreased Speeds

If a cabling contractor installs unsuitable cables over the wrong distance, there will be a considerable decrease in speed. Case in point; Cat6 cables can support an Ethernet speed of 10GB, although if you stretch the cabling more than 164 ft, the speed reduces to that of Cat5e. It is important to note that the Cat5e is the predecessor of the Cat6. An accomplished cabling contractor understands how to precisely install the cables for more coverage and faster internet speeds.

Shorter Cable Life-span

An unqualified cabling contractor might not be conversant with cabling trends that are all the rage. When your cables are installed with outdated technology, there might be a challenge with the integration process. This will force you to do away with the cables and look for Structured Cabling Solutions that is up-to-date within a very short time. Besides, using the best technology will ensure that you don’t have to replace the network soon.

WiFi Dead Areas

While using a typical run of the mill cabling contractor might be dirt cheap, you might just end up with inferior services. If the cabling is installed inappropriately, there might be WiFi-dead areas in your space. An experienced cabling expert should know how to position the router, in addition to the right type of cable to use. In buildings made from metal or bricks, there can be increased WiFi interference. This is why you need a proven cabling expert to ensure that the installation is done correctly.

Hire a Proven Cabling Contactor

The kind of voice and network data cabling installation services that you will receive will largely be determined by the pedigree of the cabling contractor that you will choose. For superior services, retain the highly-reputed and critically acclaimed cabling services courtesy of QualTel Technologies. We believe that systems should be installed the right way the first time so you never have to settle for inferior services while we are just a phone call away.