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Although IT disasters are highly unpredictable and can hit your system without warning, you should have an intentional and planned disaster recovery (DR) strategy ready. No business or company can afford to underestimate the importance of a well-designed disaster recovery plan.

By retaining QualTel Technologies managed IT services, you can ensure that in case all hell breaks loose, you will have an efficient recovery plan in place to ensure that all operations return to normal as soon as possible. Below are aspects that are vital to your disaster recovery plan.

1. Conduct a Threat Analysis of IT Disasters

Analysis Threats

For the sake of your business, it is vital to identify all potential threats before coming up with a recovery plan. After you have analyzed all the risks, ensure that you come up with a professional and proven response strategy for every threat.

With quite a few probable threats, you must have a step-by-step plan for recovery for every type of threat. Most importantly, in this era of cyber threats, cybersecurity should take precedence over all other risks. 2

2. Personnel Associated with IT Disaster Recovery

IT disaster recovery

Though a superb disaster recovery plan mainly deals with technology, it should also focus on processes and people. Ask yourself which employees are crucial for disaster recovery. After identifying them, make sure that they are trained and empowered to handle all the steps of the disaster recovery plan.

It is crucial that there is a DR manual for any emergencies and that numbers of all the critical DR personnel are in the manual.

3. Occasional Updates to the Disaster Recovery Plan

Update IT disaster recovery

After you have your DR plan all set up, it doesn’t mean that you sit all pretty. You must conduct frequent updates to the DR plan. Let’s say you have made significant changes in your system, like software updates. It will be in your best interest to make corresponding updates to the disaster recovery plan too.

4. Disaster Recovery Priorities

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In any organization, there is data that is way up in the pecking order of importance, and then there is data that is not all that important.  While all systems are crucial, identify those that are critical to the running of the business, and to the data recovery process itself.


Imagine retaining a service provider to set up a disaster recovery plan, only to find out you hired an inefficient and ill-reputed company. Getting a proven managed IT services company like QualTel Technologies is your best bet at getting your systems back in line in case disaster strikes.